My Story

Edgar Martin was born and raised in Los Angeles to Mexican and Spanish immigrants. Growing up, Edgar was drawn to Movies and Television and much of his english was picked up from the dialogue of his favorite shows and films. They had an emotional impact on him and at a very early age he developed a love for story-telling and a curiosity of how they were done.

Looking back as an adult, he realizes the only way he understood the stories was the unique ability of the Director, DP and actors to convey the story and emotion. This testament of storytelling was the foundation for Edgar’s love of film and bringing unique images to life. At Edgar’s core he’s a collaborator who yearns to learn from others and their experiences to hone his craft.

For Edgar, being a creator is a unique and special honor. Holding a camera in his hands inspires him to create a visual lens for the world to see

“I love to see the beauty in all things. As a child, I liked to imagine how movies were filmed and how the Director created such visceral images. I’m drawn to this beauty and grit of life and fascinated to tell these stories of what the human spirit feels.”


Columbia College – BA in Cinematography
Graduated Magna Cum Laude